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who is the real terrorist here !!!

Im with palestine, im with those poor people, why !!! why the hell they kill innocent child’s, just ask u’r self WHY !, more 1000 dead, in one month !!! what the the hell is going on in the damn world !!! who is the real terrorist here !!! they start it, israel start this !!!, here i see every day child’s, small child’s, 4 and 3 years old who saw their parents die in front of their eyes , they run from hell in our streets asking for some money to eat or to buy a bread, childs from palestine, syria …, this broke my heart ! really ! cuz they are innocent child’s


…, i feel nothing, died …, i feel black, no life, no soul no feelings, “not a closer thing to something means a live”, its a died galaxy, an explosion of a galaxy after so many years of been full of energy and fight to keep a live, i feel black space …, a real explosion, end of something was black since the start of something meant to be and to end up in explosion ! …, i feel like an entire galaxy full of planets, and stars full of hoppes and dreams, a stars full of souls each star with a soul story to tell and to live !, each star with a light to guide us to our place in life and after life, a star to keep us seeking for the other part soul in an entire galaxy ! to keep us together, a galaxy to save us in this atmosphere till the gate will open to take us to the other world to our real place to “the eternal life” _____, but no ! it’s died , the fight is over ! the soul war its over ! left nothing to be saved ! so many of wisdom gone no feeling to make it restart again no acts ! no wisdom words !, no wise minde to think …, a black space a real dead calm ! the galaxy is died the place of our souls is died , our part soul, our star its gone forever left in a black space !, the ashes of this explosion left a dead star in a black space thrown so far !, left only a minde with a sign of a life a very small sign, one sign in every 1 or 2 mints /\________/\________/\_________, a sign ! , ……., a black space around me i don’t see anything not in close not in far, im still moving so fast i feel far in this huge space, i don’t know where or when this will end, i feel afarid i feel lost, i feel it’s the end, no way to stop this fast moving !!! no way to make it stable, and the ashes of this star with this soul on it scattered, fall to pieces so fast, …, thats it, this is it, it comes the time when you feel “dead” …., /\________/\_________________, in 3ed mints a sgin a soul sign, a voice, a light in far i start to see a light i start to hear a voice !!!! in a moment of sight, everything stopped, a light come to me so fast a clear voice : “don’t give up, follow me, im here, this is my hand, im your light, follow me you will win, not now, so dont give up” i see there a very light lightness a so very light lightness ! the voice is gone the light still there more fast im heading to the light, more i see clearly more i hear, yes, true so yes i will never give up and i will not, its another galaxy and an other fight to make this soul start again and seek for other galaxy seek for other stars to keep the fight for the after life, left not much time, the gate will open, i need to make it alive again, i will fight, i will keep fight i will never give up ! this meant to happend ! soul part meant to be with other soul part, ! this is real this so real , so I am heading to my new galaxy to my new star

… keep continues. #befreeabdou 


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